DigiForce Videos For Ecommerce

Videos are a powerful addition to your ecommerce process. Not only do they give a prestigious brand image, they also give a significant boost to sales.

Videos are an amazing traffic catalyst. When correctly published on YouTube or other video hosting platforms with a call to action or link to your website in the caption, or if you host directly on your website with correct search engine optimisation configured, video content will generate high quality traffic to your website reflected in both traffic and sales growth.

Online shoppers in our current fast-paced world often prefer watching videos rather than having to read slabs of text. An advantage of creating videos for your ecommerce business is that shoppers usually appreciate the source that created and published the video, especially when it answers their questions.

Videos highlight the advantages of your products in unique ways that cannot be achieved through images and text content. They enhance your website, boost your sales, increases your traffic and strengthen your brand image.

Read on to have a quick look at the two most popular styles of ecommerce videos.

Product Unboxing Videos

Unboxing videos often have large view numbers because online shoppers love to explore the newest features in the latest releases from their favourite products of interest.

It's a great way to introduce new products or new models to a targeted audience and achieve quick popularity, especially during product launches. The faster you publish an unboxing video for a new model, the bigger reach your video will achieve.

Specifications Comparison Videos

It is very common for different brands to release similar models that offer similar and unique features and options. Comparison videos are the perfect way to both highlight and explain product features that may otherwise be overlooked or cause confusion. Giving a clear understanding of a products uses and capabilities will lead to an increase in sale conversions and repeat business.

It's also very common to have different models for the same product range, with some models having more features and options. But if these variations in the specs and the features were not simplified to the online shoppers, they will get confused which may lead to a high bounce rate and less sales.

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