About DigiForce

DigiForce was established to provide end-to-end digital solutions to clients looking to strengthen their digital presence. By bringing together experts in web design, eCommerce platforms, creative media and technical design and integrations, DigiForce has built a team capable of supporting all aspects of a modern digital business presence.

Why DigiForce

Choosing the best company for your design and digital requirement is a challenging decision, particularly when modern businesses get bombarded with local and international businesses with offers often too good to be true. Digital agencies often have an Australian website but when you speak with them, you speak with an offshore company. It’s important that you can trust your digital agency, after all, they will be helping shape the digital presence of your company or brand.

At DigiForce we don’t need to cold call for new customers or spam mailboxes with never-ending offers. From a strong local client base, word of mouth and referrals we are able to grow the business at a sustainable and manageable rate that does not threaten the quality of our work or the timeframes given for project completion. Through a free consultation process, potential clients can gain an understanding of how we would work with them which is how we start building the trust required to form an important business relationship.

Real Local People

We are real, and we’re local. DigiForce is located in Vermont, Victoria. As well as the team you speak, email or chat with being in Vermont, we also record our video’s and create our 3D spins here on site. We believe that having our staff local means we can offer an exceptional level of service and understanding of the Australian market and its current trends. Local staff means standard business hours, so you can speak to us during normal hour so local customers can visit us and vice versa.

Get In Touch

Tasks Made Easy

We believe that strong communication is one of the most important aspects of all our work. First in gaining a clear understanding of the scope of work to be carried out and second in maintaining clear lines of conversation during work progression. This ensures all parties involved in a project share a common understanding of the task progression.

Quality Of Work

Our team are open and honest, we strive for positive change and are proactive in looking for new creative solutions. We focus on getting the basics right, we listen, we organise, we communicate and we offer intelligent solutions in a quality direction. From our quality team we produce quality work and from quality work, happy clients.

Data Talks, We Listen

Whilst we have a creative flair for designing digital content, behind the scenes we are analysing data to find emerging trends, technologies and tools we can employ during the design process ensuring cutting edge content and beyond expectation results.

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