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Ecommerce is Digiforce's flagship service. We are experts with proven results, offering complete end to end ecommerce solutions. Get in touch with us to see our efficient process flow and how we work with clients from beginning to success.

Our team includes commercial, technical and design experts, giving you access to experience and guidance from different business angles and ensuring your business strategy is sound from the beginning.

Consultation & Strategy

Digiforce consultants work with eCommerce businesses of all sizes. For established online traders we can audit your ecommerce online presence and detail areas for improvement along with recommendations and suggestions. Our goal is to provide experience driven, valuable and tangible results that can shift business performance to another level.

For those planning to start an ecommerce business, reinvigorate your digital presence or transition your business online we recommend booking a consultation with our team of experts. We’ll help you focus your time, effort and investment into the right areas of your ecommerce businesses and avoid common mistakes. We work with you to develop best practices leading to successful business growth plans.

We start with a 15 minutes free consultation to listen to your challenges, goals and to make sure both parties are comfortable working together. We then discuss and quote a full consultation with clear points of focus on agreed areas requiring improvement.

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CMS & Platforms

With businesses of all sizes globally racing to claim their online presence in unprecedented times, the time is right to embrace the trend and build a lean, efficient and successful CMS with low overheads. Running your ecommerce business through an established CMS such as Shopify, Magento, Neto or BigCommerce is a practical way to spare your business the hassle of requiring a high cost internal technical team.

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Not all ecommerce CMS or platforms are suitable or compatible with existing business models and processes. Our team of experts are well equipped with the knowledge required to guide you through the decision making process required to select the right platform before executing a clinical migration process of your online store from one platform to another without business downtime from the all too common loss of data and SEO rankings that often accompany such migrations.

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Landing Pages

Effective landing pages are a critical factor for the success of your digital marketing campaigns, and thus for the success of your ecommerce business. We build state of the art landing pages using the latest tools such as product recommendation quizzes, comparison charts and other tools that provide an exceptional user experience leading to higher conversion rates and an impressive brand image.

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There are various tools an ecommerce business may benefit from when trying to achieve its growth goals. Digiforce experts arm you with powerful online chat solutions, product recommendation wizards, visitor heat maps, advanced form analytics, product comparison solutions, API integrations, Product data feeds and synchronisations, Social media integration, MailChimp and other email marketing integrations combined into a long term business strategy.

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