360° Spin Product Photography

Online shopping habits are constantly evolving, so it’s no surprise that ecommerce design trends are evolving right along with them.

The latest ecommerce design trends focus on cutting-edge technologies like VR and 360 product photos, along with creative marketing techniques that offer more personalization through product recommendation wizards and better usability across the countless devices that modern consumers have.

We at Digiforce, are hands on experts in creating a leadinge edge online shopping experience for your customers, including high quality creation of 360 products photos, thanks to our Melbourne based studio, expert photographers and expert graphic designers often required to do post product touch ups to offer an impressive supe high quality output.

We can then integrate these dynamic 360 spin photos to your website.

Shopping is always about the experience, but the advent of e-commerce decreased this experience due to the lack of touch-and-feel. By using 360 product videos and photos, online shoppers can interact with your products using their mouse or their fingers if they use mobile phones.

360 product videos improve interactivity and engagement. They can zoom in to clearly assess the details and quality of your products, rotate the images to the angle they want, and click it or drag it any way they chose until they’re satisfied and ready to make a purchase.

Unlike still product photos, the incorporation of a 360-degree view is an indication of customer empowerment. You’re transferring control to your shoppers and letting them design their own shopping experience as you no longer box them in what you allow them to see. This probably explains why 74% of video marketers have success in using 360 product videos. It is immersive as well as innovative.

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